Gefen porta le novità a InfoComm 2015

Gefen porta le novità a InfoComm 2015

Gefen presenterà al prossimo InfoComm di giugno le novità in materia di audio/video distribution, focalizzando l’attenzione sulle tecnologie wireless, HDBaseT e 4K. Dopo InfoComm, attraverso il distributore ufficiale Comm-Tec, presto i nuovi prodotti sbarcheranno in Italia.

Gefen_syner-g_n2Gefen is taking wireless distribution to a new level with its demonstration of 4K Ultra HD extension. Attendees will have a chance to experience real-world 4K Ultra HD competitive gaming in the Gefen Mark V racecar simulator.  Coupled with life-like speed enhanced effects, Ultra HD racing content will appear with zero latency, affording attendees unbelievable racing action.  The Gefen TV Wireless for HDMI 60GHz (GTV-WHD-60G) will beam camera images of race participants, allowing racers and spectators to watch all the fun.
Next generation short and long range wireless solutions for HDMI will be shown, offering mobile and permanent installation options. A new scalable wireless HDMI matrix solution will also be displayed, allowing complete cross-point switching among up to eight sources and four displays. This affords functionality previously available only via hardwired matrix systems, offering tremendous opportunities in various applications including multi-room, hospitality, signage and educational venues.

Gefen is dedicating one wall to AV over IP technology, integrating HDMI, DVI and VGA over IP distribution solutions with its new Matrix Controller (EXT-CU-LAN).  This creates a robust and secure routing infrastructure with independent administrator access and control privileges. The new Matrix Controller gives users full control of a virtual matrix system of Gefen’s AV over IP products. It offers a comprehensive interface that is accessible by any web-enabled device, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

Three new AV extenders utilizing HDBaseT 2.0 will be featured, boasting a more consistent, robust link and new features. These three extenders provide a variety of extension options, including HDMI, DVI, USB, Ethernet, RS-232, bi-directional IR and two-way audio.

Gefen_gtb-hd4k2k-848-blkIn addition, Gefen is demonstrating its range of 4K Ultra HD solutions, including four new matrixes. The Gefen ToolBox 4K Ultra HD 8×8 Matrix (GTB-HD4K2K-848, nella foto sopra) routes eight sources to any eight displays using HDMI. Resolutions up to 4K DCI (4096×2160@30Hz), 4K Ultra HD (3860×2160@60Hz, 4:2:0 color space), 1080p full HD and 1920×1200 WUXGA are all supported.  Deep color, 3D and multichannel digital audio including 7.1 channels of LPCM and HBR (High Bit Rate) formats are also passed through.  Gefen Syner-G™ software’s Discovery and Show-Me features simplify IP configuration. Gefen is also showing three upcoming, rack mountable 4K Ultra HD 8×8 matrixes supporting HDCP 2.2, with some models featuring HDBaseT 2.0 and audio switching/down mixing.

Gefen_gtb-hd4k2k-148In the realm of video distribution for TV display walls, Gefen will be showing three new 4K Ultra HD splitters.  Each facilitates a scalable method of implementing a tiered cascade of up to ten layers of 4K Ultra HD displays. The specific application demonstrated utilizes the new Gefen ToolBox 4K Ultra HD 1:8 Splitter (GTB-HD4K2K-148C, in foto). All three splitters can be integrated with a variety of Gefen products such as 4K matrixes, extenders and locking HDMI cables to create a high performance video wall in retail, hospitality and entertainment environments.


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